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If you are new at having a furkid, don't worry. We have a set of starter items for you to begin your journey with your new friend. 
Deworming Scedule.

1. Every month, 2 days in a
    row, same dosage.

2. Dosage 1 cc/ml per kg of 
    the puppy. Continue this
    till puppy is 6 to 7 months
    of age. (we consider your
    puppy adult at this age)

3. 1 deworm tablet = 10kg dog
    So if your puppy reaches
    close to 5 kg in weight, we     can give half a tablet but this     time we only give it every 
    3 months once.

Deworming Medication
Deworming Tablet
Deworming Syrup
To be given if your puppy has issues of tear staining.
Tear Stain Supplement / Removal
1. To be added into
    the food, twice a day.

2. Dosage :

    Puppy < 6 months old
    Just add a few drops.

    Dogs > 6 months old
    1 teaspoon for small breed
    1 tablespoon for large breed
Miracle Oil Supplement
Benefits of Miracle Oil Supplement

• Prevents sheading
• Promote healthy skin and coat
• Shiny hair
• Stronger immune system
• Rich in Antioxidants
• Rich in Lauric Acid
• Rich in Capric Acid
• Rich in Antimicrobial
• Rich in Antifungal
• Rich in Antibacterial
• No Cholesterol
• Suitable for vegetarians
1. Once a month application on dog.

2. Dosage: 1 capful of the solution bottle to 1.5 litter of tap water.

3. How to use: Use a spray bottle to spray on the whole dog body,
    except the face. For the face, spray on piece of cloth to wipe on face avoiding
    eyes. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes for puppies, do not rinse. Just dry puppy like
    usual. As for adult dogs, let it dry on the dog for full effectiveness. Repeat
    weekly until tick/mites problem is solved.

4. Don't expose bottle or mix solution to sunlight.
Tac Tick ( Tick solution )
Given after 
3rd vaccination, 
(4 months 
of age)
every month.
Supplement / Medication
Cages / Beds /
Play Pens /
Potty tray &
Pet carrier
Food and
water utensils
Supplement / 
Please call Eugene @ 012 296 3918 for further explanation and advice on the items.