Linggene Kennel was established in 2001 by Eugene and Ling Ling. 

Dogs are our passion, we love them just like our children. It all started with 'Gucci', our first Shih Tzu. It was love at first sight.
He was an adorable and smart boy. At times too smart and naughty.

We are a member of Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA). We breed well socialized, top quality puppies. They are raised just like our children which guarantees beautiful appearance and a sound temperament. Their health is guaranteed. We deworm, vaccinate and microchip them before going home to their new daddy and mummy.

Starting your little family with Linggene Kennel is where your happy story begins... 

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services.
Thank you for visiting us.

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Christian, family & "Arthur"
Toilet training a puppy
Look out for this sign:
When your pup starts walking in little circles and sniffing the ground, it is very likely a signal that it wants to pee or poo.

A basic toilet training schedule would be

- Immediately after the puppy wakes up
- About 20 to 30 minutes after breakfast,lunch and dinner
- Just before you go to bed
- After playing 15 to 20 minutes
- After any excitement - such as visitors coming to admire
  your puppy

But MOST important for successful toilet training would be patient, never give up, and REWARD! (with treats or lots of hugs and praises)
Courtesy of Mandy, Penang with "Coco"
Eva, hubby & "Pipy"
Lynette, family & "T-Rex"
Deepikha & family
Carmen, Ewan & "Angel"
Anna, friends & "Carrot"
Lalitha,friends & "Hetrish"
Johnson, family & "Johnny"
Michelle's kids & "Angel"
Caryn & "Copper"
Datin Angelina, daughter & "Peaches"
Mrs Lim & "Miko"
Raymond, Adelyn,
"Culbert " & "Money"  
Shirley, Casey & "Mocca"
Winnie, boyfriend & "Summer"
Christine, Joy, "Latte" & "Pepper"
Caryn, boyfriend & "Goffy"
Chern Lin, family & "Batman"
Erin,family & Candy
Jeffery, family & "Esther"
Loke, family & "Felix"
Hendrick Lim & "Shandy"
Vicki, hubby & "Mindy"
Poobalan, family & "Shasha"
Kevin & "Henry"
Sandy, family & "Xavier"
Lee Shan, Yee & "Adik"
Navy, Moon & "Mori"
Mrs.Thean, family "Summer" & "Maya"
Sara, Eugene & "Dusty"
Yeh Siang, Ming Yi & "Hunter"
Teoh ,family & "Bobbee"
Mr Lee, family & "Woody"
Gobi, Sukitha & "Arish"
Jo Yi, Pei Yi & "Didi"
Micheal, Manjit Kaur & "Bisuu"
Jeffery, family, "Esther & Ruth"
Nicole, mum & "Buddy"
Vangadesh & "Bobby"
Victoria & "Biggles"
Sylivia Ng, boyfriend & "Yukio"
Tiheesha & "Cubby"
Thong, Helen & "Milo"
"Coco" a adult Poo Shih
Lim family & "Darwin"
Ah Heng, girlfriend & "JoJoe"
Dr Wong family & "Champagne"
Alvin & "Lexi"
Ann family & "Muffin"
Arvind, Rohan & "Milo"
Carol family & "Dexter"
Cheah family & "Reef"
Cliff, Flora & "Summer"
Datrick & "Coffee"
Gail family & "Jemma"
Joyce family & "SunTan"
Julian & "Long Long"
Michelle family & "Roxy"
Ah Heng, girlfriend "JoJoe & "GiGi"
Liz, sister & "Charlie"
Jason's kids & "Ginger"
Aven & "Yomi"
Kerry, family & "Hamish"
Danny, Wendy "Abie" & "CoCo"
Melissa & "Snowy"
Danny & "Minnie"
Joelyn, Aram & "Sky"
Eric, Kathy & "Har Kau"
 Josephine, family & "YoYo"
Stephen & "Sunday"
Natalie, family & "Cookie"
Yi Peng, family & " Pepper  "
Yi Ling's family & "Ginger"
Vicky, family & "Uh Oh"
Irene, family & "Muffin"
Karen, family & "Honey"
Mr Mano & family
Lee Lee & "Lumi"
Christopher "Buck" & "Cooper"
Cynthia, family & "Bonnie"
Grace, family & "Toby"
John, Sumathi 
Alice, hubby & "Money"
Amanda & "Tyler"
Ann & "Mia"
Anne, family & "Peanut"
Atty & "Lady"
Benny, family & "BPo"
Bina Philips, wify & "Mishka"
Serina & "Sam"
Edric & "Oreo"
Edward & "Girl Girl"
Elaine, John, Imran & "Mitzi"
Eve & "Mochi"
Helena, "Max" & "Ruby"
EeMay & "Memphis"
Indra's family & "Elsa"
James, Ella & "Happy"
Jason & "Zab"
Jamie & "Freya"
Jenny, Hubby & "Ninja"
Katja, family & "Mr MK"
Keane family & "Marshie"
Kimmy & "Tin Tin"
Kiret & "Bablu"
Mrs Chong & "Snowie"
Rachel & "Tonnie"
Reinhold, family & "Junior"
Sek Lian & "T-Rex"
Serena, family & "Romeo"
Sharon, friends & "Max"
Steven & "Happy"
Suan & "Tofu"
Sumanthy, family
Trisha & "Leeloo"
Vincent's family
Vishnu & "Lacy"
Wendy & "LeLe"
Winnie & "Skippy"
Yu Cheng Zhen
Soon Hoe, family & "Apple"
Ranita, family & "Luca"
Mei Ling & family
Christine, family & "Miso"
Puppies Available
Martin William, family & "Olaf"
Puppies Available
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